EC20 Plate Meter

The Jenquip EC20 Bluetooth Plate Meter with Android and IOS App. The EC20 Plate meter is the ideal plate meter for recording and uploading pasture measurements to a PC and Agrinet. The handle design and removable plate make the Jenquip EC20 Electronic Folding Plate Meter easy to transport, store and carry between paddocks.


Plate Meter Features

  • Integrated case therefore less maintenance
  • Retained battery holder cannot fall out
  • Counter can be retrofitted to some plate meter models including Manual Plate Meters and Farmworks and Aghub F200, F300, F400 and G1000 models.
  • Accurate measurement — second only to cutting, drying and weighing pasture samples.
  • Protected potentiometer, less to go wrong, less maintenance required.
  • Carry Bag. (optional Extra)
  • Measurement range — 0-250mm of compressed pasture height. An extended 400mm shaft is also available for measuring tropical grasses.

App Features

  • Multiple Farms
  • 200 paddock storage, alpha numeric. Can download paddocks from Agrinet in walk order
  • Installs on Android and IOS devices.
  • App information
    • App uploads covers to Agrinet and exports a csv file
    • App exports height of every reading in csv format along with kml file which can be uploaded to google Maps and google Earth
    • To view a Walk on Google Earth Click HERE