Agriworks Plate Meters

The Agriworks range of Plate Meters are powered by Jenquip. The difference between the Jenquip range and the Agriworks range is the Jenquip range have a folding or straight handle whereas the Agriworks range has a walking stick attachment and plastic plate


Plate Meter Features

  • Integrated design – no loose mounts
  • Protected potentiometer
  • Less maintenance
  • Measurement range — 0-250mm of compressed pasture height. An extended 400mm shaft is also available
  • Retained battery holder cannot fall out
  • Counter can be retrofitted to any Folding Plate Meter and can be used as an upgrade for Farmworks and Aghub models

A instruction handbook is included with each Plate Meter.

In addition, Carry Bags are available separately as Optional extras